Wave of Prayer & Mid-day Prayers

Prayer is central to all we do as an organisation and our Wave of Prayer is a continuous expression of this, running through the year and encompassing all places where we are represented.

Each day a wave of prayer goes around the world as members pray at mid-day wherever they are for the work of Mothers’ Union, the other members, and international issues. This began in 1920 and has been happening ever since. The Wave of Prayer calendar includes every area worldwide where Mothers’ Union works.

Areas are linked together in groups and each group is allocated a slot in the calendar. The names of diocesan presidents or community development coordinators in these groups are included for prayer. The groups form close links with each other and will often hold special prayer services or celebrations during the days when it is their turn for prayer.

In addition to this, each week two sets of dioceses are especially prayed for.

Our Diocese of Lichfield is linked with Lainya in South Sudan; Ankole in Uganda; Abuja and Lagos West in Nigeria and Karnataka North in India.

To view, download and print the mid-day prayers, see ‘Wave of Prayer & Mid-day Prayers’ under ‘About Us’ in the main menu above.

You can print off the six-monthly Wave of Prayer Calendar by accessing ‘Get Involved’
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