Faith & Policy Unit

Faith & Policy
Prayer and a shared faith in Christ is at the heart of all we do in Mothers’ Union.
One of our aims in the Faith & Policy Unit is to develop our own faith and spirituality. We put our prayer and faith into action through our social policy initiatives both locally, nationally and worldwide.

Here in the Diocese of Lichfield the Faith & Policy unit has a number sub-units;
Our MU@home members are contacted regularly with cards and information about the work we do. Membership of this group is for those who find it difficult to attend regular meetings.

We produce a Wave of Prayer leaflet to use during the 9th – 11th February when we pray for and remember our link dioceses; Lainya in South Sudan, Ankole in Uganda, Abuja and Lagos West in Nigeria and Karnataka North in India.

Quiet Days are arranged where members can reflect on what God is saying to us through the Bible and gain support and encouragement by praying together.

The Social Policy aspect of the unit helps put our faith into practice. As we witness as Christians and Mothers’ Union members we try to be informed, discuss and take action on issues affecting family life. We took part in Bye Buy Childhood and continue to monitor local issues as it affects children and families. Through our Social Policy Contact we keep up to date with the activities of governments and the United Nations and are encouraged to contribute to Government consultations, for instance on Same Sex marriage. We seek to promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children.

Visit the Resources menu above to read about some of the work we do, and in the same menu, ‘Ideas for Branch Meetings’.